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Congratulations to the 2018 Quarterfinalists!


Aktion T-4 by John Martins III  

American Myths of Black and White by Aaron Yarber  

At the Mercy of Faith by Samuel Taylor  

Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin  

Dukkha by Rachana Suri  

Fighting for Our Children by John Martins III  

In Perfect Light by David Flores  

Morpho by Craig Winstead  

No Surrender by Michael Farkas  

NWAR by Wesley Russell  

One China by John Martins III  

Red Car by Justin Swingle  

San Francisco Sandinista by David Cupples  

The Abolitionists by Leslie Lyshkov  

The Inverted Forest by Julian Higgins & Wei-Ning Yu

The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin  

The Not Ready For Prime Time Family by Richard Willett  

The Sins of Jack Branson by David Stehman  

Tragic Beauty by Jace Serrano  

Tussle by Aaron Yarber  



2-12-Delta by David Brichetto

A Casualty of War by Richard Maker  

A Promise To Keep by Angela Cincotta  

Amazon by Edward Pereira  

An Untended Garden by Joe Burinskas  

Apocapolis by Mark Hertzler  

Arctic Fire by Brian Reece  

Ascension: Rise of the Warrior Queen by Darryl Hill  

Birdie by Lisa Knight  

Burning Women by Roberta Degnore  

Catching Out by Elizabeth Savage Sullivan  

Charmaine the Shield by C.J. Cronin  

Dragging the Mark by Suzy Stein  

Exalted by Brendon Graham  

Experience by Taj Jenkins Musco  

Fast Asleep by Patrick Gamble  

Filipina by Eugene Monteleone & Kathleen Keithly

Flawed by Alma Murray Dunham  

For Love of Mama by Kari Floren  

Fragile by Peter Andrews  

Gotta Itch for Mitch by Janice Haas  

Hanna and the Zenbots by Ken Dubois  

Holding Hope's Hand by James Rucker  

In Action by Daniel Robert Scherr  

Inherit the Earth by Daniel Leonetti  

Intracranial by Mark Wasserman  

Jack and the Box Store by Heidi Fitzgerald  

Jailbait by J.D. Raybin  

Jewel of Oakland by Carter Stewart  

Journey to Fisterra by Alan Lambert  

Kappa Chains of Love by Ellen Orchid  

Kelipot by Seth Nesenholtz  

Killer Legs by Ronald Ecker  

Lady Lazarus by Jamie Lou Moniz  

Lady Marian by Wilheim Felix Martinez  

Lessons from the Gypsy Camp by Elizabeth Appell  

Little Things Mean A Lot by Michael Monteith  

Make Me An Angel by Lauren Hendler  

Manatee Love by Gemma Mills McGrath  

Mating by Rae Shaw  

Milk & Gall by Mathilde Dratwa  

Miss MacKenzie by Roma Simons  

Moonlight on the Water by J.M.R. Serrato  

Ms. America by James William Evans  

Panehaven by Josef Lemoine  

Pink Slips by Brad Hennig  

Preservation Society by Francis Arthur Payne  

Redcoats on the Hudson by Carole Ryavec  

Remember the Ladies by Gina Mulligan  

Reno's Gold by Daniel Clark  

Rock, Pretty Mama by Katie Streicher  

Rough Edges by Evan Laughlin  

Secret Roses by Elan Carlson  

Shine Your Eyes by Clint Pearson  

Silk Road Runaways by Christine Inserra  

Sons of My Mother by Amanda Prentiss  

Surviving 14 by Katie Streicher  

Tame by Rene Hirsch  

The 49th Day by Craig Peters  

The Colored Women's Chapter by Nancy Zafris  

The Flying Island by Christopher Rucinski  

The Maiden and the King by Ronald Lawson Ecker  

The Name's Raynelle Goodpaster by Bob Canning  

The Quantum Key by Gretchen Klein  

The Reluctant Cougar by Charles A. Bush, Jr.  

The Surveillance of Ordinary Things by Susan Brunig  

To Die Alone by Davin Intsiful  

To Sharpen A Thorn by Clint Pearson & Patricia Benzon

True Blue Masters by Hadley Witcher  

Unconscious Uncoupling by Bridget Addison  

Under Fire by John Garofolo  

Wendigo by Mike Langer  

West Point Wives by Ann Buchanan  

World's Best Mom by Anthony Stampalia  

Yes, Paradiso! by Norman Toy  

You Are Mine by Steve Wrench  

You May Find Rest by Emily Cropper  


Check back on November 11 for the Semifinalist Announcement!

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